Waste Issue

Managing and Trading Global Wastes

Since we talk a lot about traveling abroad and staying at some of the most exotic places around the world. It is important to know that we keep in pristine condition. The benefits of doing so are plenty. In this article we’d like to raise awareness about waste (in general). This article was inspired by one of our follower and supporter of a cleaner world. This person also happens to be a local business owner in Perth of a skip bin hire company.  You can check out their website here.

Are you aware that trading of wastes also happens globally? Why do countries do this? Don’t you know that hazardous waste, such as electronic wastes, chemical wastes and incinerator ash, are usually traded between countries? Their primary reason is to find treatments, for disposing and for recycling the waste.

If you are going to think about why it happens. The first thing that will come to your mind is that one country wants to get rid of this waste. It is actually a good idea because that is one way of disposing and decreasing waste in one country.

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On the other hand, the receiving country will get more waste. If this country can still do something to recycle these wastes, then that is good. But, if only receiving the waste from other countries without a use will, of course, just making the receiving country like a big landfill.

Anyway, trading waste globally is supported by law. And then, they will not surely support this law if trading wastes will not benefit them. As long as it contributes to the profit and growth of the economy, then global trading continues.

Effects of Trading Global Wastes

The countries supporting the global waste trade must also consider the effects of their transaction. It might affect the environment and the health of every citizen. If this will lead to a negative effect, then the government and the countries supporting it must stop the activity.

  • To the Environment

Participating countries know that most wastes that they trade with other countries are hazardous and contains various chemicals. If this continues, then this chemical will pollute the nature and the ecosystem. We are supposed to preserve wildlife and other animals near landfills. We must not allow the global trading of waste if destroying this environment will happen.

If you are going to study the locations of the landfills and dump sites, then you will know what is affected. Chemicals will affect the air, land and water around these areas. If extreme trading will happen, then the surrounding of the dump sites will be affected and contaminated.

Knowing that this global trading might greatly affect the environment, would you still support it? As a concerned citizen of your country, you must be aware about what is happening around you. If this activity is currently allowed in your country, then you must be worried about the environment.

  • To our Health

Everybody knows that exposure to chemicals are risky to our health. Do you have an area in your country, where hazardous materials are exposed? Or do you even stay near a landfill or work in a landfill where hazardous materials are dumped or burnt? Do you have any protection for such activities? Are you even aware that you may inhale this chemical? This chemical also contaminates land and water. Therefore, you can’t say that you are safe even if you are staying far from the landfill.

When these things happen, various health problems may affect our health. Sickness, such as cancer, diabetes and other fatal illnesses will risk the lives of every citizen in one country. Therefore, being a concerned citizen, we must do something to stop it.