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Getting Tattoo Removal Done Overseas?

Many of you out there might be thinking of getting a procedure done overseas. It doesn’t necessarily mean going to cheaper alternatives such as South East Asia. But it could also mean going to developed countries like Australia. One such popular procedure is tattoo removal.

So you might be wondering why on earth are we writing this post about tattoo removal. What does have to do with this blog? Well simple really.. you need to stay somewhere! That’s right, not only you need to stay somewhere when you’re holidaying with the family – but you will also need a place when you’re getting a procedure done. Long story short, it doesn’t matter what the purpose is. If you are staying abroad in another country, then you need some sort of accommodation.

Back to main reason for publishing this post, which is giving you some recommendations when getting your tattoo removed in Australia, in particular Perth. After getting in touch with a established studio simply called Tattoo Removal Perth City for some inside knowledge of nearby accommodations, here are our shortlisted list of venues:

  • Metro Hotel Perth
  • Crown Towers Perth
  • Crowne Plaza Perth
  • Ibis Budget
  • Baileys Motel
  • City Perth Backpackers Hostel

Now of course, some of the ones listed above will be somewhat expensive compared to others. So please do your own due diligence and check out their official websites for the latest prices.

With regards to the actual tattoo removal procedure, Tattoo Removal Perth City offers a state of the art laser technique to permanently remove your unwanted ink work. The number of visits required will heavily depend on the individual. Such as whether the tattoo is multi-coloured or single. For newly done tattoo, is it generally not recommended to get the procedure done too soon. Perhaps wait for a year or so.

We are also aware that there are other techniques available such as ointments. But from what we have read, using laser is arguably the best and effective way. If you are worried about getting it done, in particular exposing your skin to the laser beam; we advise you go and seek professional advice from your local doctor.

As with anything in life, the procedure does carry some risk. But by going to a reputable establishment, you significantly reduce the risks.

If you have personally visited Perth, for whatever reasons, why not share your experience by commenting below. In particular where you ended up staying and of course whether you would recommend it to others.